Achetez Marker Projector+ Black (+Bonus Lens) en ligne qlZx9Hk6

Achetez Marker Projector+ Black (+Bonus Lens) en ligne qlZx9Hk6
Modèle : qlZx9Hk6
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Projector+: the Frameless by Marker with Quickshift-sytem

Superlative/minimalist high-tech design for style and function. The result is a very broad field of vision and crystal-clear optics thanks to the spherical DUAL BIONOMIC lenses and their high-quality NMT OPTICS coating. The MarkAIR VENT SYSTEM naturally ensures that the goggles maintain fog-free performance. On all PROJECTOR+ goggles, the FRAMELESS DESIGN means that the lenses can be exchanged in seconds.

MarkAir Vent-System
The Frame is fitted with the progressive MarkAIR Vent System. Design and air flow are engineered simultaneously to achieve perfect lens ventilation and the unobstructed flow of air is guaranteed along the helmet. This keeps the inside of the lens dry and fog-free. The breathable foam behind the inlets and outlets reliably resist the penetration of snow and moisture.
NMT Optics (3rd Eyelid)
NMT Optics is an extremely scratch-resistant surface providing the best possible visibility. It prohibits water, grease or dust from clinging to the lens, and moisture rolls off immediately. Finger prints, sweat and grit have no surface to cling to and are easily removed.

Yellow Plasma Mirror Lens 
Innovative combination of pink base lens with yellow high-performance PLASMA MIRROR. It secures a high-contrast view of the terrain ahead in sunny to moderately cloudy weather. The high-performance mirroring keeps it effective in glaring light conditions as well.

Clarity Mirror Bonus Lens
Light rose base lens tint for maximum depth perception and high contrast de nition in low light conditions. The high performance MULTI LAYER MIRROR boosts all natural colours even in foggy and snowy conditions. 


  • Référence n°: 478672
  • Transmission de la lumière (%): 24 PercentQuel pourcentage de lumière visible passe à travers la l'écran, un pourcentage plus élevé est parfait pour des conditions de faible luminosité et un pourcentage plus bas est meilleur pour les jours de grand ciel bleu.
  • Caractéristiques Masques:
    • écran sphérique
    • sans monture
    • écran bonus
  • Lens Coating: miroir
  • Weather: changeable


    • MarkAir vent system
    • Dual bionomic spherical lens
    • X Dry triple layer face foam
    • 100 % helmet compatibility
    • Neoprene box and Microfiber bag
    • NMT Optics

    Achetez Marker Projector+ Black (+Bonus Lens) en ligne qlZx9Hk6

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